COVID-19 Guidelines

We are closed for the 2020 season.
Thank you for helping The Guardsmen serve Bay Area youth from our historically underinvested communities.
Happy Holidays!

The Guardsmen 2020 Christmas Tree Lot
Health and Safety Plan in Response to COVID 19

The Guardsmen Tree Lot Event to be held from Friday November 26, 2020 to December 20, 2020 at the location:

Festival Pavilion
2 Marina Blvd.
San Francisco, CA 94123
Located in the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture

The Guardsmen are requesting possible expedited approval to sustain this year’s Tree Lot event operations indoors despite current mass gathering restrictions in place due to COVID19. 2020 Tree Lot operations inside the facility has improved safety measures and benefits to operational efficiency by keeping customers and volunteers indoors even operating at limited capacity. We’re seeking regulatory approval to potentially consider this request sooner than later in order to provide The Guardsmen with the necessary time required to adequately prepare for a large scale event indoors versus outdoors.

Operations indoors will require new and different operational supply items when compared to past Tree Lot events and we want to ensure the all supply items are in place well in advance before hosting this year’s event. To sustain Tree Lot operations indoors we have developed a Tree Lot Health and Safety Plan for volunteers and customers that encompass using appropriate signage & education, personal protective measures, measures to prevent unnecessary contact, sanitizing measures and industry specific directives to align with local and federal regulatory requirements. As part of our plan we hope efforts made below will help you consider request for approval, and we The Guardsmen, want to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Volunteer Safety Plan:

  • COVID Screening will be performed daily for all volunteers prior to starting scheduled TL shifts.
  • COVID screening will occur outside the Fort Mason facility at the main entrance before entering for volunteers only:
  • COVID Screening is required before the start of every shift and screening results will be documented and logged daily for all volunteers.
  • Volunteers that pass COVID shift screening will be required to put on appropriate PPE prior to entering the facility and start work.
  • Volunteers that arrive on site and yield a positive COVID screening result at the start of their scheduled shift will not be allowed to work.
  • The Guardsmen will only recommend a volunteer that screens positive for symptoms before their shift to follow local SFDPH guidance and go get COVID tested. If the volunteer wishes to return to the TL and work additional shifts they must remain asymptomatic and will need to provide a valid negative COVID test result performed within 24 hours of their next scheduled shift.
  • Education will be provided at the start of each shift on using appropriate techniques for PPE application, removal, reuse, and disposal.

PPE requirements for all TL volunteers:

  • Facemask
  • Safety Goggles or Face Shield (eye protection)
  • Work Gloves or Rubber Gloves will available when requested.

Customer Safety:

  • We will require all customers to gel their hands with provided hand sanitizer prior to entering.
  • All customers who wish to enter the TL must a wear a facemask at all times and will be strictly enforced.
  • TL floor markers will be in place as an additional measure to prevent unnecessary contact with other customers and volunteers.
  • Sneeze barriers will be installed where appropriate.
  • At this point in the COVID-19 outbreak, scientists have not identified a specific fever pattern tied to this disease. Therefore, we will not check customer’s temperature prior to allowing them to enter the facility.
  • Customer COVID screening is not necessary but we will have clear signage posted throughout the TL highlighting current signs and symptoms related to COVID19. This tactic can help promote community awareness about the virus and will let customers know The Guardsmen have been educated on COVID safety.

Operational Health Safety Tactics:

  • Facemasks must cover the volunteer’s mouth and nose at all times to be effective, and we will enforce any noncompliance.
  • Safety goggles are required at all times when working inside the facility with volunteers or customers.
  • TL machinery or equipment that’s not disposable will be wiped down with disinfecting wipes.
  • Wipe down items such as pens and electronic signature pads/mobile devices if shared with a delivery recipient after each use.
  • Labeling of clean or dirty equipment for (Shovels, Rakes, Brooms...etc) is needed to reinforce frequent sanitation of non-disposable equipment by volunteers in between use.
  • Measures to prevent unnecessary contact will be provided by using physically distanced volunteer workstations. This includes indicating Max Volunteer Number per workstation, for example (Tree Standing Station: We recommended Max Volunteer Occupancy = 2 TL volunteers/Tree Standing Station while maintain physical distancing of at least 6 feet apart when possible).
  • Onsite Covid compliance personnel will engage with clients to make a safe and complaint environment.

Delivery of Tree Stock at Fort Mason/Setting Up the Tree Lot

  1. Avoid close contact with delivery drivers as much as possible when receiving the trees.
    1. All receiving will be done outside and only volunteers will be allowed inside the tree lot.
  2. Wipe down items such as pens and electronic signature pads/mobile devices if shared with a delivery recipient after each use.
  3. Policies and technology options that allow and prioritize contactless deliveries (e.g., no-knock, no-signature, all electronic credit card transactions, etc.) that limit or eliminate close contact between delivery drivers and Guardsmen receiving the trees.
  4. Avoid close contact with delivery drivers as much as possible when receiving the trees.
    1. All receiving will be done outside and only volunteers will be allowed inside the tree lot.
  5. Avoid sharing scanners, pens, or other tools with truck drivers.

Visit by Public and Purchase a tree and Gifts at Fort Mason

  • The Lot must reduce maximum occupancy to limit the number of people (including both customers and Personnel) to the lesser of: (1) 50% the store’s normal maximum occupancy or (2) the number of people who can maintain at least six feet of physical distance from each other in the store at all times;
  • We plan to do this via scheduled arrival times using Eventbrite as our platform. Customers will utilize a “ticket” for their family unit to attend the tree lot in person. This will allow the Guardsmen to control capacity at the lot and allow for adherence to Covid protocols.
    • We would limit in person visits to the lot to 50 people per hour with a maximum time of 45 min indoors. This will allow for tree selection as well as check out without overlapping with the next time slot.
    • Current Mass Gathering Guidelines suggest 100 people or less. We would be well below this in a much larger facility than most retail establishments.
  • Any customer coming into the tree lot will be required to wear a mask and will be instructed to not touch merchandise without help from Guardsmen volunteers.
  • The checkout will be socially distant and will be as contactless as possible using technology and cleaning protocols.
  • The lot will have extra PPE for any customers that do not have or have forgotten PPE.

Tree Pickup in the Parking Lot (Curbside Pick Up Contactless Purchase Method)

  1. To the extent feasible, all interactions and transactions between Personnel and customers should occur outdoors and will be instructed on next steps upon customer arrival.
  2. Tree loading will be done outdoors with social distancing held to the highest priority.
  3. The transaction will be done via our online store so no in-person transaction will take place.
  4. Guardsmen will ask client to exit vehicle and will attempt to not go inside vehicle to “tie” the
    tree to the vehicle.

Tree Delivery at Customers Homes

  1. Encourage the use of hand sanitizer of home owners on arrival all trucks will have sanitizer available for volunteers, disposable wipes and other cleaning products so that frequently touched surfaces can be wiped down by drivers.
  2. Wipe down items such as pens and electronic signature pads/mobile devices if shared with a delivery recipient after each use.
  3. Offer curbside drop-off and engage the client in a discussion of how to best create a safe environment for delivery inside or outside the dwelling.
  4. Ask customers to stand back 6 feet while Tree Set Up is in progress
  5. Avoid close contact with individuals as much as possible when dropping off trees.
  6. Limit your contact with frequently touched surfaces during pickups and deliveries, such as countertops, elevator buttons, doorbells, door handles, radio buttons, etc.
  7. Avoid sharing scanners, pens, or other tools with customers.
  8. Use a foot, shoulder, elbow, hip, or forearm instead of hands when opening doors at pick-up and delivery sites, if possible.

Toilets and Common Areas

See attached Minimum Environmental Cleaning Standards for full Details.

  1. On a daily basis or more frequently when needed, clean and disinfect surfaces like doorknobs, tables, desks, bathroom and kitchen surfaces, handrails, elevator controls, light switches, and other frequently touched surfaces.
  2. End of day protocols will require wipe down of all social areas including but not limited to toilets and check out areas managed by the Fort Mason folks.
  3. Maintain a compliance log for all common areas—a log that records areas cleaned, date, time, and cleaning staffs’ initials.

Closing Down of Tree Lot and Clean Up

  1. The Lot must limit the number of Personnel in the facility to comply with Social Distancing Requirements.
  2. The Lot must create, post and implement a Social Distancing Protocol checklist and must comply with Health Officer Directives.
  3. All areas will be cleaned to standard with disinfectant and ready for the next day.

Personnel working the tree Lot

  1. Daily review of TL required health tactics at the start of every volunteer shift.
  2. Personnel will be required to report and illness and encouraged to stay at home for the remainder of the tree lot.
  3. Congregation will be discouraged and every effort will be made to stay as distant as possible.

Customers at the Tree Lot

  1. QR codes will be utilized to convey pricing and other information to customers.
  2. All efforts will be taken to enforce distancing.
  3. Onsite Covid compliance personnel will engage with clients to make a safe and complaint environment.

Communications with Public

  1. Education and signage will be available for easy viewing of customers on TL Health Safety measures:
  2. Social distancing and PPE requirements will be posted throughout the tree lot.
    1. Entrance “ticket” will have the guidelines posted
    2. Will have posters and flyers stating the guidelines throughout the Tree Lot
    3. Use of marketing via social media to purvey the guidelines
  3. All policies for volunteers will be communicated prior and continuous throughout the tree lot period.
    1. Volunteers will be required to read and acknowledge guidelines before shifts.
    2. Will use email to constantly communicate guidelines and enforce restrictions.

Exhibit 1:
UCSF Guidelines will be used as a template for all Tree Lot Guidelines

Exhibit 2:
Mass Gathering Guidelines Order No. C19-05b as relates to Tree Lot

Face Covering Guidelines Order No. C19-12c